Heffy Doodle – 3 mm Deep Foam Tape

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Dobbeltsidig foamtape fra Heffy Doodle.

Tapen har sterk heft, og med 3 mm tykkelse er den perfekt å bruke til ristekort (shaker cards).

Tapen er 5 mm bred, og det er 10 m på hver rull.

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Add some dimension to your project with Heffy Doodle foam tape.

This tape is 3mm deep – the perfect depth for creating shaker cards with only one layer of tape needed! Simply cut to the length required using scissors or a craft knife.

The strong bond will ensure that elements do not fall off your projects, however some adhesive transference may occur. Simply clean your scissors with alcohol wipes or adhesive remover to remove any sticky residue. Alternatively tap some embossing ink onto your scissors before cutting through the tape as this wil reduce adhesive transference.  

Contains 10m roll of double sided foam adhesive tape.

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Produktnummer: HFD-3MMFT5


Produsentens hjemmeside: https://heffydoodle.com/


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