Create A Smile – Clear A6 – Dicke Party

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Sett med clear stamps fra Create A Smile.

Stemplene er produsert i Europa, og er fremstilt av høykvalitets fotopolymer. Gir et jevn og fint trykk ved stempling.

Mål ca. 10,5×14,8 cm (hele platen).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Hooray! The hippos are having a big party today! The three friends eagerly baked you a huge cake. Now all you have to do is blow out the candles, you have one wish! How about a balloon trip? With a loud “Tooooot!” from the party horn, a few soap bubbles and a lot of love, the lovable hippos really let it rip.
Our funny A6 animal stamp set with its 10 images is not just for birthdays, but for all occasions, which are wildly celebrated, such as an anniversary, a graduation or simply the next summer party! The cute hippo can not only blow out the candle on the cake, but also make pretty soap bubbles or blow an air kiss.
Image stamp:
• 7 hippos
• 2 cakes
• soap bubbles
• party hats
• hearts
• music notes

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