Mama Elephant – Painting Piggies Stamp & Die Bundle

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Sett med clear stamps og koordinerende dies fra Mama Elephant.
Stemplene gir et klart og fint trykk, og er produsert i USA.

Mål ca. 10×15 cm (4″x6″).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Painting Piggies is a clear stamp set that combines the charm of adorable piggies with the joy of artistic expression. Pair this delightful stamp set with it’s coordinating creative cuts (sold separately) that creates slits so the piggies can wield tiny paintbrushes, paint tubes and palettes. Each stamp captures the playfulness of these little artists, making it perfect for bringing a smile to your creative projects.

4×6 Photopolymer Stamp Set Includes:

  • 18 Image Stamps

Approximate measurements:

  • Easel 1.3″ x 2″
  • Frame 1.6″ x 1.6″
  • Stool .7″ x .4″

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Vekt 60 g

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