Create A Smile – Cool Cuts Wegweiser

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Sett med dies fra Create A Smile. Brukes sammen med en stansemaskin.

Pakken inneholder 12 dies som brukes for å lage en vegviser.

Produsert i USA.

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Everyone has probably heard the saying “It’s all about the journey” at some point in their lives. Signs are a great help so that you don’t get lost on the way. They show us what lies behind us, what is ahead and where we currently stand. 

With our die you can use this metaphor and create your own personal guide. Be it the start of retirement, starting school, graduating, a new job… one phase ends and a new one begins. A good reason to pause and celebrate the path you have achieved so far before you take a new one and move on in a new direction.
In this die set you will find three signs or boards in different sizes, two signposts, three arrows, a cross/X, a post and a tuft of meadow/grass/lawn.
Number of dies after separating: 12
Size of the set: approx- 10,7 x 9,1 cm

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