Create A Smile – Cool Cuts Useful Banners

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Sett med dies fra Create A Smile. Brukes sammen med en stansemaskin.

Pakken inneholder 8 bannere i ulike størrelser. Den minste banneren er ca. 1,1 x 4,4 cm, og den største ca. 1,6 x 7,5 cm.

Produsert i USA.

Produsentens beskrivelse:

As the name suggests, our banners are very useful and, above all, versatile. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give special attention to a text on your projects, decorate the edge with a small flag or place a banner… you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this set.

Included in this set:

  • flag straight, large
  • flag straight, medium, pierced edge
  • flag curved, large, pierced edge
  • flag curved, small
  • frame, pierced edge
  • flag, one side rounded, pierced edge
  • flag straight, small
  • flag, one side straight, pierced edge

Number of dies after separating: 8

Size: Set ~ 9,8 x 7,4 cm

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