Create A Smile – Clear A6 Sweets & Treats

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Sett med clear stamps fra Create A Smile.

Stemplene er produsert i Europa, og er fremstilt av høykvalitets fotopolymer. Gir et jevn og fint trykk ved stempling.

Mål ca. 10,5×14,8 cm (hele platen).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

What is your favorite thing to fill your Santa Claus stocking with? With sweet sticky candy canes, deliciously fragrant cinnamon stars, red and white peppermint sweets, small lovingly wrapped gifts or perhaps a small, cuddly teddy bear? But no matter which one is your favourite, with our 12-piece, pure A6 image stamp set you can decorate your projects for much more than just Christmas time and shorten the waiting time for loved ones.

Image stamps:

  • teddy bear
  • 2 round candies
  • loop / suspension
  • bell
  • 3 gifts
  • candy stack
  • candy cane
  • stocking / sock
  • cinnamon star
  • stack of cinnamon stars
  • lollipop stick

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