Create A Smile – Clear A6 Quill & Ink

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Sett med clear stamps fra Create A Smile.

Stemplene er produsert i Europa, og er fremstilt av høykvalitets fotopolymer. Gir et jevn og fint trykk ved stempling.

Mål ca. 10,5×14,8 cm (hele platen).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

A crackling roll of parchment, a quill pen scratching the paper and ink that ends up in small blobs where it wasn’t originally planned? This is exactly how writing letters worked in the old days.

But since it is simply a wonderful (retro) feeling to send greetings by post around the world in this way, this A6 stampset with its 6 images and 9 texts is our homage to it.

Image stamps:

  • parchment roll
  • quill
  • inkpot
  • 3 inksplotches

Sentiment stamps:

  • hello
  • in love
  • best wishes
  • thinking of you
  • a little surprise
  • for your birthday
  • happy mail
  • you´ll be missed
  • together we can do this

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