Create A Smile – Clear A6 – Pure Poppies

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Sett med clear stamps fra Create A Smile.

Stemplene er produsert i Europa, og er fremstilt av høykvalitets fotopolymer. Gir et jevn og fint trykk ved stempling.

Mål ca. 10,5×14,8 cm (hele platen).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

Whole fields, meadow strips or gaps in the concrete shine in pure white, soft yellow, bright orange, pale purple, intense red, inky blue… the poppy, the ultimate harbinger of summer, appears in all these and so many more wonderful colors in between in our gardens and our lives from May.

Our purely floral A6 stampset with its 7 images offers you the opportunity to enjoy this colorful time a little longer and to use it on your projects.

Image stamps:

  • 4 poppy flowers
  • 2 poppy buds
  • poppy capsule

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