Create A Smile – Clear A6 – Floral Decorations

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Sett med clear stamps fra Create A Smile.

Stemplene er produsert i Europa, og er fremstilt av høykvalitets fotopolymer. Gir et jevn og fint trykk ved stempling.

Mål ca. 10,5×14,8 cm (hele platen).

Produsentens beskrivelse:

As the name of the A6 stampset suggests, you can “decorate” wonderfully with its 20 floral images.

It doesn’t matter whether you only want a small leaf to peek out from behind a large flower to give your project a little more liveliness or you want to create a floral wreath (maybe even adapted to the respective season).

Incidentally, the leaves and twigs also look great in vases or are wonderful as a landscape background. And you will sure to come up with an infinite number of other possible uses for our floral all-rounder set…

Image stamps:

  • 8 leaves
  • 2 flowers
  • 7 branches
  • 2 fruits
  • grass / dandelion seed

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